Joey M. Joseph, Shamanic Reiki & Karuna™ Master Teacher

"ha nee chee wa she" (I am she who grows souls)

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One life

I discovered this on my computer today. I am always writing, or recording inspirations and intuitions I receive, this one was written ‎September ‎06, ‎2018. I thought this pertinent to the climate of what we are globally experiencing and wanted to share. 

On my walk today I felt the presence of something greater than myself. I could almost touch the voice of God within me. I could “hear” the guidance of angels and spirits as if I stood in the center of the place where life and death intersects.

In that moment I was completely present and understood in my soul that presence is power. All information comes from within the ability to hold ourselves in that presence, as all energies live in the dimension of that state of beingness

When the mind perceives awareness beyond it current vibration, it opens to connect with collective mind, we become unified with all life.

As we access the power of the moment and focus within, we gain entry into all realms. Being present enables one to access the mind, heart and essence of all that is, ever was and will be.

In that moment, a gateway opened and I was allowed to witness life, my life through this portal of perception, which, if I could surrender to, would open up new dimensions of thought for all to access.

We are one life, scattered into many bodies, a living testament of the divine in form.

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Star light healing

Star Light Healing

White Eagle is a Native American ascended master who uses symbols for healing, attunement, and transcendence. For centuries symbols have been used to act as portals to empower and enlighten mankind. All symbols have characteristics imbued within the framework, giving each one a different expression.

At one time in evolution, we became separated from the power that created us. Symbols were given to assist mankind in reconnecting to the essence and truth of existence.

Symbols are alive, multi-dimensional tools, we can attune to both physically and spiritually. Star light symbol is ancient, and has been adopted by many religions and healing modalities. It represents heaven on earth and assists one as a symbol of unity and creation. The two triangles symbolize as above, so as below, signifying perfect balance.

Star light is how White Eagle refers to the symbol, as it is a source of light, power, and love, and may be used infinitely and unconditionally for oneself, the community and the world.

Symbols are sacred geometry used to activate power and increase the awareness that we are made of light and vibration; the criteria to attune to this symbol are visualizing the symbol within the heart and above the head, as a source of power, strength, love and creativity.

Through ancient symbolism we are able to cultivate love, a key component in living an integrated unified life, working in harmony, bringing heaven to earth.

Visualizing yourself inside the star creates a unified feeling and deepens awareness. It is a unconditional source of energy and light. Inside the star is the spirit that lives in all life. The power of the star is unlimited, it is you, in the highest form.

For more information on White Eagle’s teaching, visit

Star light mercaba

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doing nothing…

As I walk through life I realize how incredibly blessed and gifted I am with the lessons the universe is mirroring throughout my life. I am discovering and uncovering the mystery of my own soul, as I want to remember why I came here. There are no guarantees in life, only choices you make along the way.

I have struggled for understanding, healing and forgiveness. I have experienced the pain of loss in order discover the truth inside me. For me, the most difficult thing I have done is nothing. My mind over and over wants to fix it, make it right, and my heart says wait, do nothing.

Doing nothing in society says something.  How well do I honor my sacred self and the next steps?

I work hard, endure the lessons, stick with the pain, do nothing except feel, that became the portal of release, a chance to become something not  yet imagined. Faith helped me discover something unique and precious inside, which  is the goal of all souls.

As I uncover the fear, I discover the very thing that is hidden, the light within. The light we all share.

Life can be bittersweet, we give something up, in order to make room for new. New could mean anything, it is a risk to grow.  One can go willingly or through circumstance.  The pain of loss can overshadow the gift of opportunity, faith carries you, until I found the moment and stopped living behind and was able to look forward.

We have all had unexpected challenges  and you rose up to meet it, worked it over until you realized you always knew what to do.

As I write this I think what would I do if…And then I am reminded not to make plans, model knowing,  trust and have faith in the gifts the Creator has given me, stay strong and follow my heart, no matter what.




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Autumn Blessings

I love the seasonal changes, they bring opportunities to shift consciousness through  experiences. A time to re-examine where we are and what we chooseFall-Leaves-4- to take with us. I have learned my emotions play a vital role in determining where I am and what element needs  balance. In Autumn the day is equal and our bodies are preparing to take the energy within, a time of the feminine or the yin energy.

The West is the home of the setting sun, the place Autumn rests and the Bear is the representative of the element of Earth, a perfect place of emotional release.

Introspection and rebirth occur as the bear enters the cave to shed, rest and recover from the season of giving, sharing and energetic play and reap the reward of the harvest. The fall harvest is represented in pumpkins and gourds that decorate our homes in celebration of the next steps and the hard work we have accomplished.

Seasons offer portals and gateways to help elevate awareness to deepen connection. It is the perfect time to let go before we enter the womb of the great Mother, the  nurturer the healer, to prepare for what will become.

This is a day of gratitude for all I have received and given. I look to balance my inner and outer world, between my mind and body, emotion and spirit, heaven and earth. I seek the center, to re-evaluate what hinders me, where my thoughts are taking me, what messages I am sending out.

As I reflect on the past I breath in the idea of the possibilities that are in the waiting , and I give thanks to the energies and interactions designed to help me grow.  I feel  the blessings of all that has shaped me in to this moment.

Happy Autumn Blessings to All!


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Keeper of space

I was grinding coffee for Joe this morning I smiled to think I have had this Mr. Coffee grinder since the early 1990’s. My thoughts went to thinking about all the treasures I keep from people over the years. I realized it is part of my practice, to hold space for people through the gifts they have given.

I have had people share with me, “if you are no longer in my life, I rid myself of the things you gave me”.  I may have done that in the early part of my life and it never made me feel better. I have learned to channel the emotion of the hurt, and be accountable for my actions, even if the other party is unwilling, which is challenging. I have had the experience of someone being so angry with me they sent me back what I gave them in an unmarked box. I destroyed it in a ceremony and kept an angel statue given me by the same person. I bless it and choose to focus on the love we share. It took me time to get there, I persevered in healing myself over time.

Over the years I have made many mistakes in relationships and through those lessons I consciously choose to hold space for those who suffer, in the hope we find our way back to one another. Working with people in a healing setting as given me the understanding of how personal suffering is and how we can help in a silent way, by holding space for them to find their way back to peace.

Through the last 15 years I have had some very difficult lessons on people being removed from my life, the questions, the guilt the wondering how to handle it and should I fix it or let it go?  I have gone through the emotions of these questions and re-evaluated my behavior and the cause of the separation, until, after years, I came to the realization its okay. Their part in the story of my journey with them is over, for now.

I learned to accept my humanness in letting things be as they are, and hold space for what would come.

As a problem solver the hardest thing I have ever been guided to do is Nothing.  And to wait, trust and be a keeper of the space.

I am learning every day to let go. I want you to know I share all my experiences with you in my thoughts, my feelings and my heart with the perception that separation is an illusion and that all those I love are always with me.

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65 and counting

Today I am the luckiest woman, my cup is full and running over with blessings.

I feel incredibly blessed to have lived on this Earth for this long, as I know that however long we live in these earth bodies, we have the opportunity to fulfill something inside of us we choose to evolve into. God has given me a gift and it is up to me to leave the treasure within me here, where it is deposited into the flow of consciousness that we all share.

These last 4 years I have been challenged at all levels, an experience that happens when a loved one has life threatening illness.  Now I am morphing into something new, a rebirth after transition. Joe and I have both been changed by it all and by the gift of age and the gift of life!

We are grateful, for all of you and the love and support that has been given us. We are  strong people and are stronger for the connection we have developed, in all realms.

It is time to regenerate all that I have learned into a new perspective. Life changes you, it is challenging, exciting and rewarding , did I mention scary? all in one.

I wanted to say, thank you, I am so grateful

Sending hugs and blessings, always










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Winter Solstice 12.21.18

Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year. The darkness makes way for the light to return for the next cycle. As the year comes to a close we have the opportunity to evaluate where we have been and what new seeds will spring forth out of the darkness of the womb of winter. Today is a powerful day as the moon gathers its essence to its fullness, shining its light from the heavens upon us.

Gifts of the season 

Joy*    Renewal*   Celebration*

Triumph over darkness-Life over death

Promise of the Suns Return

Longest Night of the Year 

Re-Emergence to the Light

Sprouting of New Thought

Blessings for the Balance to Light and Dark, 

Connection ,Self-Love, Unification 

Integration, Body- Mind-Spirit-Emotion

 Symbolic Gifts

Pine-         Cleansing, eliminates negative energy

Holly-       Provides shelter for the nature Spirits in winter

                  insures the blessings of the season in

                   acknowledgement of our spirit ancestors

                   Protection and  Creativity

Mistletoe- Protection for transition points in the home.

                   Enhances creativity

Wreaths-  Circular wreaths symbolize wholeness, unity, and eternity

May the blessing of your inner light and love reflect the power of your spirit!


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Halloweenn pic of me  I have always been a huge fan of Halloween!! Having a magical nature I love sharing candy and giving offerings to my community, as this is the time of honoring all that we harvested, preparing for a time of introspection and hibernation.

Following the cycles of the Earth is empowering to your soul, deepening the connection between the worlds, a time when the veil between spirit and physical is the thinnest, allowing for easier communication with departed loved ones, guardians angels and spirit guides.

Some religions believe it is the day of all souls, and perform rituals to release those trapped in the world of illusion. I say a prayer and light a candle every year that these souls find the light and make their way home!

Wishing you a magical time celebrating  this time of endings and beginnings, making room for something new to be born!!

happy halloween banner image

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As a shamanic practitioner and energy healer it is so much easier to help others than myself.  I accepted my body’s wise offering and the opportunity to dig deep into the soul, for examination and transmutation.

I am going through a major transition, my age factors into much of it, something I am grateful for, to experience the different stages life offers.

As a strong person surrender is difficult. I knew that the universe had carved me out a chance to go deep within.

I am grieving and the emotions are strong within me.  I am someone who marinates the energy within me for a period of time, building it within, until I can no longer keep it and then I am able to channel it through. I admit it is challenging, I realize this is the personality and characteristics of who I am, and I accept this as a gift.

Today,  the autumn equinox, I feel a difference. The fall represents the feminine, the yin, where we become passive, thoughtful and slower. A time of gratitude, reflection for the summer’s abundance. This is a perfect day for release and the dying of the old, as I allow my body to find its natural rhythm, and follow mother Earth and accept the flow.

I know there is no other side, only that which is present within me.

I burn dried lavender and rosemary, as a symbol of death,  to honor the transition, for myself, family, community and the world.

Blessings of the season!



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Communicating through telepathy

Tramanto Connects, September Issue

healthy living section

All life is interconnected. We all come from the same spiritual source, regardless of the religion we choose to live. We are vibrational in nature and are collectively united through the mind’s capacity to create, perceive and understand energy.

We each possess different levels and capabilities of telepathic communicating. We are not limited to our voice. We tell people how we feel through body language, expressions and behavior.

Early in life we learned to express thoughts through written and verbal communication.

We rely on these skills as habitat. Telepathy is a muscle that with exercise, practice and intention can be developed.

How many times did you know who was calling, or have the urge to contact someone only to find out they were thinking of you? Someone asks you a question and before you respond they pick up the thought and speak your answer. Everyone laughs at the irony.

Telepathy is how prayers are answered. We pray the words and it is mirrored back to us. The body is separate, the spirit is one. As we evolve we deepen the connection to life in all dimensions through the love we share.

Intention and focus are the keys to communicating without words. Someone asks me where I want to eat, I pause and in my mind, I think what I want. I wait, and that thought is transferred to the other person and they speak it out loud. It is that easy.

Try this exercise. Pick someone you trust to work with and choose a time to mentally connect from a distance. One is the giver and the other the receiver. Have an open, relaxed mind and at the appointed time, mentally send a message to the receiver. With faith, the receiver writes down all thoughts and visualizations and feelings that come through.

When we trust the voice within and communicate with love, all things are possible.