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"ha nee chee wa she" (I am she who grows souls)

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Recipes from Marian

When he met her he knew she was his home. He came face to face with his destiny, and he was up to the challenge. He knew what awaited him, for him life would be forever changed. Every summer he went to where she worked, waiting till the time would come to have his chance to court her. Her beauty shone from deep within her soul, the light and love that came from her velvet voice was strangely familiar, as if he always new he would be with her. The year 1935, a Lebanese girl from a family like his. He instantly wanted to protect her, in her he longed for the mother he never knew. A man would be lucky to shine her shoes. Who was he to think he could be with such a treasure! He would win her affection for his life depended on it!

I wrote this after my dad, George passed in 2009. I have never shared this before now, it seemed like the perfect way! My dad sharing his story of his beloved wife Marian, my mother.

She left the planet in 1993 leaving a legacy of love behind.

I have always aspired to emulate her compassion and understanding. Children are an extension of their parents. Today as I did the dishes I laughed at the lessons I have learned from her.

Every generation has their social structure and I learned the difference between my parents and mine. I wanted to be like my mom, and I realized she had her life, it was time to live my own, in a way that was right for me. I buried her twice when I let go of wanting to be her, giving me a new beginning.

Being a modern thinker I decided it was time to let go of the things that were not in alignment with my spirit. I evolved beyond my earlier beginnings and I needed to re-boot my foundation. I am not saying it was easy, re-evaluation takes courage and strength and the understanding that our ancestors desire us to live beyond what society deemed acceptable in the era in which they were raised. I believe in my  heart a good parent wants their children to be happy, fulfilled and true to who they are.

I felt her “urge” me to write, as it is important for me to share the amazing experiences, feelings and communications I receive from “beyond” this realm.

I felt joyous laughter at the remembrance of how my mom taught me how to make yogurt. Being of Lebanese descent we called it leban, as it was a staple in our home. In 1966 we moved from Ohio to California. My mother carried a starter of leban with her on the plane, she explained she did not want to start over with the store bought yogurt, as it did not taste the same. Every batch of yogurt must have a starter from the previous, to carry on the taste as well as retain its nutritional value.

Her greatest joy and gift was how she fed people. I believe it was the love she put into her home cooking and baking that she gave to every person that touched her life.

She took her baked goods everywhere, carried plates of cookies to the doctor’s office every time she went. Her greatest gift was her laughter, she would laugh at things people would cry over. She came from the era of silent suffering, and rarely complained.

Marian’s leban recipe

1/2 gallon Milk

2 tablespoons leban/yogurt

Bring the milk to a boil, and let slightly cool. When you can hold your little finger in the milk to the count of 10, it is ready for the starter yogurt. Take a saucer with the starter yogurt and hold over the pot of milk, add milk to the saucer a little at a time until it becomes liquidity. Take the saucer with the starter milk and fold it into the remaining liquid stirring for 3 -5 minutes.

Place it in a glass bowl and cover it with a towel. The best place is in the oven where there is no draft. The next step is to pray it gels into yogurt. The bowl is left overnight.

This is how Marian made homemade yogurt throughout her whole lifetime. It was how she learned to make it from her Grandfather who raised her and how she taught me.

On special occasions she would place the leban in a cheesecloth bag with a string, hung it over the sink to allow all the water to drain out. This makes it a hard leban, often called lebni. It becomes a creamy texture and can be used like cream cheese. My favorite!

Marian was a very creative and innovative cook and baker. She was always surprising our pallets!!

Marian’s # 1 rule for living, the golden rule:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Blessings of love, laughter and joy!!





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a caretaker’s view

These feeling come every time we are waiting for a test result, the unknown swoops in and steals my time and my mind!  I tell myself all the usual things, all is well, trust the moment, no one knows the future.   Writing helps me release the stress of what I know I  have no control over. I am pensive when I need to write, I stalk the work until the energy builds and I can express what is inside me.

It is difficult to admit to myself that this is hard as I am a positive thinker. I thought I was prepared as I have been doing healing work for many years. The real truth is you cannot know or really prepare for something like this. Self-sacrifice is hard. Being a giver I have run the gambit of emotions, fear, guilt, resentment, exhaustion, anger,  have I mentioned anger???

I have found and lost faith again and again, trust comes in and out, anger has taught me so much about myself and healthy boundaries.  I have experienced surrender, grief for what is and what was lost. Fear and stress over what to do or not do and when to do it, as well as the wisdom to know I have the answer. What will be and how would I live if the unthinkable comes to pass?

When I think I run out, I reach in and there is more. I find joy in connection as I receive all things needed, when it was needed and before.  I feel divine presence in the face of darkness, as they both dwell within.

To get to the other side I  must own my emotions, all the while in the back of my mind I know the universe is caring for us, every step.  How things have come to Joe and I over the course of this experience has been miraculous!

I want to capture and hold on to peace, which is illusive and fleeting.  When I am still  and breathing, all is right in my world.

I am conscious of how important it is for me to care for all my bodies. The need for balance is paramount to my well-being. Being empathic I find at times I need to shelter myself to stay strong.

I am learning to allow life to be, moving my feelings aside and do what is necessary in the moment.  The birth of my new self will not allow me to ignore what I feel, regardless of what others think. I channel my wise woman into manifestation. It can be overpowering to some, to me it is an act of unconditional love.

We came together to bear witness to one anther’s journey and create a family.  The last 3 years have challenged us on so many levels.  There is wisdom to be shared in the stories we live. I consciously choose to be here, with him, 24/7, as it is “our” journey. Being with Joe has challenged me to be my best self, giving it all for love!

Some have said they think it crazy, for me, I don’t want to miss a thing!!


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Breaking the fix

Lately I feel anger when someone tells me what to do or gives unwarranted advice. It reflects in me the need to “fix”,  a deterrent to the ego’s need for a false sense of fulfillment. I  feel caught between my strong sense of knowing and my need to advise.

It’s a fine line between enabling and giving. I ask myself, would I want this advise? For me self-discovery gives me confidence and helps me fulfill goals and opens me to remember the answer is always within.

As a healer I have the awareness to seek balance in the role I play in a situation or relationship. I no longer want to “take care” of things that aren’t mine.

Staying focused on my reality is important to my throat chakra. I measure giving  against enabling someone with my help. The throat represents will, higher purpose, and commitment to the self. When I enable or fix, I am steering away from that purpose. I gave my throat a voice, it said “burdens are an illusion”. That struck me deeply and when I analyzed it I learned its truth! I began to sort out what did not belong, and make new boundaries, releasing the anger I felt, freeing up my energy to move forward.

It is easy to get “caught” up in someone, my awareness is a portal to step out gracefully. Success happens when we know “no” is a healthy response to breaking the energy of becoming or living someone’s “story”. When I leave things be, wisdom steps in to guide me, and opens the door to abundance and limitless supply of love to share.

As an empath I realize what I hear and feel is not about me, I am here to mirror, enlighten and serve. Acceptance helps me feel only love, not the drama of the story. I use empathy as a portal into compassion, deepening the ability to empathize.  After years of working on people my job is to stay “high” so they can find their way into the light.

As I bypass my ego, my heart guides me to focus my attention on wholeness and honor what is experienced and felt, holding space for what will be, all the while I know I healing myself, breaking free of the old, leading me into the light of new opportunity!


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Addiction, empathy and illusion

People who are empathic often have additions, as it is a way to hold down feelings, thoughts and emotions that are picked up from others. Today empathy is being acknowledged and we are learning to understand its affects and how to master it as a tool for healthful living.

Addiction stops time and stunts emotional growth. The real work begins when we let it go….and we must find a way to channel what we repressed when we began the journey. It takes time, perseverance and hard work to bring our bodies into balance.

Years ago I went to an AA meeting with a friend who was an alcoholic. I was in the back of a large auditorium filled with addicts. I looked over the crowd and saw who they were, light-workers, healers and em-paths who struggled with their powers. I understood as I had held myself down for years through addiction. As a strong willed person I was able to move beyond it into the light of my true purpose.

After overcoming the physical aspect the real work began bringing my emotional body up to speed. Acquiring new tools and ways to channel what I repressed brought about a new understanding of my earlier confusion about my role in life.

Every person may have experienced addiction on some level. We can become addicted to anything, food, drugs, responses, situations, to one another. Helping others can be an addiction when it is a deterrent to looking within one self.

Living with addiction can be likened to living outside yourself, neglecting basic needs, desires and dreams. It can also lead to a life of dependency, causing others to” take up the slack”. Addicts can be manipulative, giving others feelings of guilt if they don’t take care of them. The reverse is one becomes an enabler to an addict, a cycle that sometimes never breaks.

Additive behavior can come from loneliness, a fear of being misunderstood or different. Self-love helps us to create healthy boundaries and to live without the fear of judgment. It gives us permission to say no, and do what is in the highest good, which can be challenging after years of ignoring ones personal growth.

Every being has the capacity for light and dark, as this is the realm of polarity. It is scary business to face the darkness and the fear of the belief and emotional attachments that create illusion. The trick is, do not become any ONE thing, to allow experience to flow through, like steam.

I have written in many articles that separation is an illusion. In the early part of life I felt alone.  As I grew I realized  beliefs are what cause the feeling of disconnection and separateness. Coming into this Earthly body, we need to be separate to do our consciousness work, which can be challenging for many. Working with the heart alleviates the illusion of separateness. The divine lives within all beings and unites us to one another and to the heavens.

I  know what others feel from my perspective. I have suffered and I have shared suffering with others. After going through cancer with my husband  compassion led me to become a stronger empath, something I had feared as empathy caused me pain.

I now know empathy is the healer as it possesses the gifts of understanding, love, forgiveness and compassion. What started as addiction, leads us to wholeness.

Someone I love deeply is suffering from a life of addiction. I write this for him, so he will know he is not alone or separate from the love that we are made of and the love that unites us.

I am an empath, and this is my perspective and story.



The big reveal

I learn so much observing family dynamics, and from what I have experienced in my life.  We choose our families to grow and evolve. I have had years of mixed emotion, fear, anxiety, guilt and shame over the differences and separation from my extended family.

I have felt burdened with the expectation of “fixing” it all. I have been told it is my duty, as I am “more evolved”.  I have fought against the traditions of my upbringing and sought a new path, creating a foundation brought forth by will, strength, self-examination and universal law.

I suffered and caused suffering during this 13 year journey. Early on I realized I was an adult who had the freedom to re-create a foundation based on what I believed was right for me. I examined what I learned, shook the tree and took only what I valued, using  intuition as guidance.

The challenge is to stay true to yourself in the wake of what makes you different from each other. We strive to be understood and accepted, yet it is no persons job to understand or accept you.

It must be frightening to witness someone they thought they knew makes choices against the normal patterns.  NO don’t do it, something could happen or go wrong, well something did happen and is, transformation! The universal mirror, can cause you to be brave or to retreat and hide in what is familiar. As scared as I was, I forged ahead, well  most of the time. I ran back many times and realized I did not fit there anymore.

I keep a journal, and I am guided by the angels of the rainbow of the light, a eclectic group of heavenly beings, who offer guidance, love and support. In 2006 I asked the angels the following question, their response is italicized.

How can I stop worrying and live my life?
You are starting to make strides. Live your life moment to moment. Get into creating and carving out something that belongs only to you. Work with your horses and things will begin to feel more grounded and your perspective will change. Start living daily and using your energy to increase your personal power and awareness. Trust yourself and say affirmations that affirm that trust.
Guilt serves no one.
Trust your truth, believe and have faith in how far you have come. Every thing you need to know will be revealed to you. Stop connecting to them empathically, trust your dreams and know that what you need to know is within you. Don’t read the energy anymore. Give it to God, period. It will be on a need to know basis. Focus within and root yourself to the Earth. Know that you are now safe and all is well. Stay focused within and trust we all have to do our own healing. You have betrayed no one, least of all yourself. It is simply your time and your turn.

I am forging a new path, and I am blessed with a strong husband who supports me.  He was a catalyst for this “separation”,  giving me time to develop and evolve my spirit.

I am learning to let go, forgive, unconditionally love those who could not, or would not share their feelings, which is so difficult when you are separated from the people who meant the most to you. Needless to say anger became an ally. Whenever I let the guard down, the pain would come. It became my protector, my healer and a portal into my soul.

I stepped out of what was comfortable into a abyss of darkness. I am compelled to continue this journey and I feel sharing is the path to freedom. The universe calls us to let go of the story, and if we let it, the mind can be a torture chamber, or a container that holds peace of mind. All beings come to Earth to share and give their gifts to the world.

Each generation has a consciousness and vibration. I call my parents generation the “secret keepers”.  There are no secrets in the universe.

Here it is, the big reveal, Whew!! Not sure what will come of this post, only that my intention is to create healing, awareness, peace and unity.

Blessings to all, thanks for sharing!


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Reiki Refresher, all levels welcome


Prerequisite: Must already be a Reiki level l

Looking to reconnect and deepen your healing? Start the year sharpening your skills and re-awaken your Reiki by giving and receiving healing energy, connect with like-minded people who will stimulate your soul’s purpose and journeying to enliven your connection to spirit guides, in addition to group attunement and connecting with horses.

Please bring your Reiki materials, an open heart and any questions you have regarding your practice.

Date:     February 27, 2016

Time:     9am to 4:30 pm, with a 1 hour lunch break

Where: Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship Facility

               6250 E. Jomax Rd, Scottsdale AZ, 85266

Cost:     $65 per person (50% deposit required with reservation)

( portion of the proceeds donated to Camelot)