Joey M. Joseph, Shamanic Reiki & Karuna™ Master Teacher

"ha nee chee wa she" (I am she who grows souls)



There is enlightenment in transitions. I am becoming something else and I am in the dark!  What I feel is tangible, and my uncertainty has becomes a portal of transition. I know belief causes pain, and letting it go brings presence. My intuition is to trust and not make it stop, and breath with it, and it will lead me, somewhere, I do not know.

This journey I have been experiencing with Joe has brought me a gift, and I am unsure of what steps to take. I feel like the little duckling on her own for the first time looking to find what’s next. She comes upon a black hole, guarded by the dragonfly, who is the guardian of illusion.  Dragonfly tells her, this is a doorway into other realities and to enter you must earn your way.

She asks, how? By accepting the Creators plan! She looked at her small duckling body and asks the dragonfly to allow her to enter the great void of possibilities. She reappeared days later, graceful, white and long necked.  When asked how, she replied, I learned to surrender to the power of the Creator, my faith and acceptance transformed me!

What I resist stalks me, As I surrender the need to “see” with faith, I can learn to trust the uncertainty that I feel, I don’t know what is next, what I hope is there is a swan in my future, graceful, light and free!!


Pushing the limits

As we come into a new year I have been reflective of what has passed. I often feel I am not doing “enough”, enough of what my mind tells me I could or should be doing. My challenge is to be present and trust what is in the now, something I am learning every day as I have taken on the role of nurse and caretaker. I have pondered the universal lesson as I have always been a “caretaker’ and I have laughed as I realize how this experience with Joe has “rounded” me out as a spiritual healer.

I have prayed for acceptance in each step, and flexibility has become the key to harmonious living. I attend to what is needed and  “drop” what I am doing in order to serve. Everything we do is in the moment, as all plans went out the window long ago,

Joe amazes me, his will to transcend and go beyond the limits of where he has been is quite remarkable. I am always the cheerleader and the truth slayer, never allowing us to get away with anything!! I performed things I never knew I would need to know, or thought capable of. I decided when he was in the hospital I had to jump in and look at everything to alleviate my fear. Many days and nights I pushed myself beyond where I ever thought I could; discovering a wellspring of energy there to support the task at hand. In each moment I kept a grateful heart, thanking the universe for providing for all our needs abundantly.

When your inside pushing out, the limitation disappears, until you push again, and the boundary grows. Its quite amazing how much “expansion” happens when you surrender the thought of how far you “think” you can go!

Blessings of gratitude to all my relations,  I feel you!!