Joey M. Joseph, Shamanic Reiki & Karuna™ Master Teacher

"ha nee chee wa she" (I am she who grows souls)

Drumming a new perspective


drumming a new perspetive


Author: joey298

An educator, spiritual counselor and multi-faceted healer. My passion is to open the door to the healing power that lies within, uncovering the next steps of the journey.

2 thoughts on “Drumming a new perspective

  1. Joey , I love your blogs. My daughter met her husband in a drum circle.Thanks for keeping me on your list. Our Sugar is now living on a nice farm where she is well cared for We are allowed to visit occasionally, but it is not the same as owning her. Its hard to believe how much I can grieve over a horse. Every time we get to go see her ,she runs to the fence to greet us then follows us like a puppy. we never use a rope of halter. Hope both of you are well. We are doing better than I thought we would, living in assisted living. We got to see Cavalia in Nashville. So beartiful!!!
    Love and peace


  2. Thank you Lynn, I am sure Sugar knows she still belongs to you, no matter where she is! I am happy you and Bill are doing well and are cared for in your new home. Blessings and love to you, always


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