Joey M. Joseph, Shamanic Reiki & Karuna™ Master Teacher

"ha nee chee wa she" (I am she who grows souls)


Happy Father’s George

I think and feel my dad often. I love days that honor and celebrate one another, as they bring you closer together. My father took his journey in 2009 at the age of 91.

I have many beautiful memories of him that spring to my eyes and roll down my cheeks. My mind wants to say he his gone, my heart knows he lives there, along with the love we cultivated together.

I felt him with me throughout the funeral. In my home office where I work I would sense him behind me. I knew he was there yet I was hesitant to admit it.  I thought, “why is he with me, when there are so many other people he could be with?”

I never told anyone and one day months later I had a client come to my home for a healing treatment. She lived a long distance and afterwards I went into the kitchen to prepare tea.

As we sat, sipping tea and chatting I mentioned my dad and talked of him. She told me, Oh, by the way he stands behind you when you are at the computer!  I was not completely surprised and delighted by the confirmation that yes he was there, behind me.

I felt honored and remember when I was a nail technician he would visit me at the salon where I worked and would stand behind me while I sculpted nails. He never gave me a direct compliment, he always told others. He helped me to understand his ways and feelings which I loved. He looked at my client and said, “isn’t she good?” We both laughed.

I smile as I feel him behind me, there with his beautiful happy spirit, giving me support like he always has.

Love you to the moon and back George!

love this photo, we are both so young!!


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drum for your Health

Tramanto connects magazine, Joey M. Joseph, contributor

healthy living

Awareness is growing in finding new and old tools in developing healing, creativity and a deepening of the spiritual aspect of living. Practices that develop the connection to the Earth can fast-track growth, healing and unity.

As a Shamanic Reiki practitioner, I began drumming over 20 yrs ago. I use my native style frame drums for drumming circles and individually for healing to create portals for transformation, unity, connection and to attain altered states of awareness.

My drum of choice is a native style hand-held frame drum. I have drums made from natural materials and synthetic. My favorite drum is a Remo Buffalo drum, reasonable priced and needs no care.

In a drum circle, the intention sets the tone. Drums are round like mother earth and as we put our energy into them, they become extensions of oneself, empowering one to accelerate healing and connection. A drum can mirror where we need to heal, allowing us the shake it loose, restoring the flow.

Healing is a shift or release of energy and drumming is a fun way of letting the energy you generate move through you for transformation. It helps on all levels and can be used to release the stresses of daily living and to clear our minds and heart.

When sitting in a drum circle we bear witness to one another, honoring our differences through compassion and working in cooperation as we find the rhythm. As we drum, we cultivate new energy and the opportunity to give and receive what we brought into the center of the circle, holding space for one another as we align to one beat, one sound, one vibration.

Anyone can learn to drum and explore its sound, create rhythm and songs. It opens the heart, gives expression to creativity, bringing us closer to the earth and nature.