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"ha nee chee wa she" (I am she who grows souls)

motherhood, celebration and creation

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We are all born with the power of creation. We can create on any and all levels. There is no gender to the feminine, it resides in us all.

Creating life is a birth-right and it is not conditioned to form. Humankind are the determiners of energy. We create individually and collectively as we are one mind, and in unity we project the world into form.

I believe we each have a mother within. There are many styles of motherhood, not exclusive to giving birth. When I was young my dream was having children and creating life. The path I created took me in a different direction as dreams change life unfolds and we make choices. I was unable to bring these precious lives onto the Earth. They live in heaven with my ancestors and loved ones. I know they are cared for and loved. As things are cyclic and as I grow older I have been through stages of grief. This year as mother’s day approaches I feel it in my heart, the loss or maybe the idea of what would, or could have been. I want to honor the grief of letting go of what could have been. The loss and loneliness and the giving and teaching I never got to share with a biological child, and my thought is, who will I share my legacy with?

I have been motherly in all my relationships. I do not think of this as regret yet that is how it presents itself. Sharing this helps to find acceptance and new awareness leading me to acknowledge what is real in my life. I remember how grateful I am for the many surrogate children I have “mothered”. It has fulfilled me in ways I cannot express. My adopted tribe of beautiful souls is fulfilling and I love each and every one of them. I knew consciously that I drew them to me to fulfill a need inside.

As I write this my intuition is, you have given a piece of it each and every time you were with them, or in a healing session where you shared the wisdom of living. You shared your perceptions, teachings of a lifetime, according to the need. You are a giver and you have always shared your legacy, it went out into the world in a new and different form, and lives in the hearts of those you shared with.

The grief that was in my heart is turning to celebration and joy, to know that I have created life, maybe not in the traditional way. There are no rules to life and how we live it. We have a blank page, and we have the choice to fill those pages with whatever makes our heart happy.

I am now attracting the age group of what would have been “grandchildren” which is fun, enlightening and helps me stay modern in my thinking.

To mothers everywhere, in all realms and all dimensions, back to the original mother, I feel the blessings of motherhood the connection of the great mother within us.

Sharing this helps me to feel that I am equal to all mothers, not separate because I did not experience childbirth. I have the greatest respect for motherhood. Mothers are every thing!! I am eternally grateful to my mom, my aunts, and my grandmothers! I feel them with me always, guiding me, loving me, helping me to continue to go forward, to work with and create on new levels, to channel the wisdom of all mothers and to evolve. I honor those mother’s who continue to share their legacy, teaching the wisdom of life with children everywhere, as they are the future and we have the power to change the world with each life we give birth to.

Author: joey298

An educator, spiritual counselor and multi-faceted healer. My passion is to open the door to the healing power that lies within, uncovering the next steps of the journey.

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