Joey M. Joseph, Shamanic Reiki & Karuna™ Master Teacher

"ha nee chee wa she" (I am she who grows souls)

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Halloweenn pic of me  I have always been a huge fan of Halloween!! Having a magical nature I love sharing candy and giving offerings to my community, as this is the time of honoring all that we harvested, preparing for a time of introspection and hibernation.

Following the cycles of the Earth is empowering to your soul, deepening the connection between the worlds, a time when the veil between spirit and physical is the thinnest, allowing for easier communication with departed loved ones, guardians angels and spirit guides.

Some religions believe it is the day of all souls, and perform rituals to release those trapped in the world of illusion. I say a prayer and light a candle every year that these souls find the light and make their way home!

Wishing you a magical time celebrating  this time of endings and beginnings, making room for something new to be born!!

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As a shamanic practitioner and energy healer it is so much easier to help others than myself.  I accepted my body’s wise offering and the opportunity to dig deep into the soul, for examination and transmutation.

I am going through a major transition, my age factors into much of it, something I am grateful for, to experience the different stages life offers.

As a strong person surrender is difficult. I knew that the universe had carved me out a chance to go deep within.

I am grieving and the emotions are strong within me.  I am someone who marinates the energy within me for a period of time, building it within, until I can no longer keep it and then I am able to channel it through. I admit it is challenging, I realize this is the personality and characteristics of who I am, and I accept this as a gift.

Today,  the autumn equinox, I feel a difference. The fall represents the feminine, the yin, where we become passive, thoughtful and slower. A time of gratitude, reflection for the summer’s abundance. This is a perfect day for release and the dying of the old, as I allow my body to find its natural rhythm, and follow mother Earth and accept the flow.

I know there is no other side, only that which is present within me.

I burn dried lavender and rosemary, as a symbol of death,  to honor the transition, for myself, family, community and the world.

Blessings of the season!



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Communicating through telepathy

Tramanto Connects, September Issue

healthy living section

All life is interconnected. We all come from the same spiritual source, regardless of the religion we choose to live. We are vibrational in nature and are collectively united through the mind’s capacity to create, perceive and understand energy.

We each possess different levels and capabilities of telepathic communicating. We are not limited to our voice. We tell people how we feel through body language, expressions and behavior.

Early in life we learned to express thoughts through written and verbal communication.

We rely on these skills as habitat. Telepathy is a muscle that with exercise, practice and intention can be developed.

How many times did you know who was calling, or have the urge to contact someone only to find out they were thinking of you? Someone asks you a question and before you respond they pick up the thought and speak your answer. Everyone laughs at the irony.

Telepathy is how prayers are answered. We pray the words and it is mirrored back to us. The body is separate, the spirit is one. As we evolve we deepen the connection to life in all dimensions through the love we share.

Intention and focus are the keys to communicating without words. Someone asks me where I want to eat, I pause and in my mind, I think what I want. I wait, and that thought is transferred to the other person and they speak it out loud. It is that easy.

Try this exercise. Pick someone you trust to work with and choose a time to mentally connect from a distance. One is the giver and the other the receiver. Have an open, relaxed mind and at the appointed time, mentally send a message to the receiver. With faith, the receiver writes down all thoughts and visualizations and feelings that come through.

When we trust the voice within and communicate with love, all things are possible.


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We are one life

On my walk today I felt the presence of something greater than myself. I could almost touch the voice of God within me. I could “hear” the guidance of angels and spirits as if I stood in the center of the place where life and death intersects.

In that moment I was completely present and understood in my soul that presence is power. All information comes from within the ability to hold ourselves in that presence, as all energies live in the dimension of that state of being ness

When awareness meets up with collective mind, we are in perfect union with all life.

As we access the power of the moment and focus within, we gain entry into all realms. Being present enables one to access the mind, heart and essence of all that is, ever was and will be.

In that moment, a gateway opened and I was allowed to witness life, my life through this portal of perception, that if I could surrender to, would open up new dimensions of thought for all of us to access.

I believe we are one life. If you could see with the naked eye the biology of a cell, you would understand the molecular connection between humans, there would be no separation, only one continuous life, separated only by the perception that we are separate.



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horses as healers

Tramanto Connects

August Issue 2018

Horses changed me. My husband and I purchased our first horse when we moved here in 2005. It was not a planned purchase, and as we trailered the horse to his new home with the help of a friend, he asked me what I wanted to call him. I knew instantly and exclaimed, his name is Savior and we are saving each other!

I had limited experience with these majestic creatures. I began to grow and my horse helped me set new boundaries through the behavior he exhibited. He was a rescue horse and I used my healing skills to help him. I developed a horse healing program for people, allowing them to heal themselves and their horses.

Creating a bond with a horse is like looking in a mirror; you can keep it or surrender it, your choice. A horse helps you to be cognizant of thoughts and emotions as horses pick up and often react to emotions, thoughts and fears. They will act it out for you.

I believe if we are open and ego-less we allow horses to help us understand what’s inside, creating a shift within. What we learn on the back of a horse or by being in their presence, carry’s over into daily living.

In native teaching, horses represent power and balance. Before getting on the back of my horse I check myself, empty my mind, relax, feel connected to the earth, trust what I know and breathe.

New values in respect and cooperation emerged and I learned to access my power to lead, helping me to trust myself in the handling and riding of a horse as I learn to work unified.

Healthy living is a choice we make daily, and choosing to be with a horse is both rewarding and challenging. They are as fragile as they are powerful and generous beyond measure.


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Awakening your inner Shaman

Tramanto Connects July Issue

healthy living article by Joey M. Joseph

People are awakening to their spiritual power and are seeking a path. Becoming a shaman is a calling; it is deep in the cells of the body and soul.  Shamans are often born out of their own suffering, as it is something that is birthed into existence.

Shamanism is a vast ancient body of knowledge, believing all life is inter-connected, and the Earth is alive with the power of healing. They are a bridge, an inter-mediator for the spirit plane.  The purpose is to develop relationships to heal themselves, the community and the world.

Shamans work through the relationship they develop with all living things. In shamanism all things have a signature power that can be used for good. They achieve trance states of consciousness to create rituals and ceremonies to retrieve healing solutions They work on all levels; body, mind, and spirit and emotion to restore balance.

A Shaman views energy through metaphors and symbols. The power to develop the qualifications is inherent in all of us. The first step is the desire and willingness to look beyond what the naked eye sees, through the invisible world that binds all life.

In indigenous culture one does not claim the title Shaman, it is awarded by others in respect of the healing received.The secret to spiritual connection is the partnerships we develop in all planes of existence. To be part of the collective voice, one takes a chance on letting go of the idea of “separateness”, trusting the work we do is a tandem act, proving the qualities of a Shaman. Shamans spend their life giving voice and purpose to the partnership they developed, to bring healing to all living things and work in union with the creator of all life.



Happy Father’s George

I think and feel my dad often. I love days that honor and celebrate one another, as they bring you closer together. My father took his journey in 2009 at the age of 91.

I have many beautiful memories of him that spring to my eyes and roll down my cheeks. My mind wants to say he his gone, my heart knows he lives there, along with the love we cultivated together.

I felt him with me throughout the funeral. In my home office where I work I would sense him behind me. I knew he was there yet I was hesitant to admit it.  I thought, “why is he with me, when there are so many other people he could be with?”

I never told anyone and one day months later I had a client come to my home for a healing treatment. She lived a long distance and afterwards I went into the kitchen to prepare tea.

As we sat, sipping tea and chatting I mentioned my dad and talked of him. She told me, Oh, by the way he stands behind you when you are at the computer!  I was not completely surprised and delighted by the confirmation that yes he was there, behind me.

I felt honored and remember when I was a nail technician he would visit me at the salon where I worked and would stand behind me while I sculpted nails. He never gave me a direct compliment, he always told others. He helped me to understand his ways and feelings which I loved. He looked at my client and said, “isn’t she good?” We both laughed.

I smile as I feel him behind me, there with his beautiful happy spirit, giving me support like he always has.

Love you to the moon and back George!

love this photo, we are both so young!!